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King Richard’s Faire is over for 2023

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Almost two months of Faire! Every weekee we be and two holidays.

I feel relieved that it's over, but there is that feeling: "What now?"

I was very exhausted by the end of it. And the beginning was very hard on us loosing three older cats in a week and having to be at the Faire.

We definitely want to be back next year. It would be nice to have a better structure though. It was though when it rained and cold too!

We will see what happens.

I hope to still be around next year. Fighting cancer and all is not easy. But I'm back on my macrobiotic diet and expect to feel better.

We had an awesome time at the Faire! I hope to have brought sad one light to about 300 clients I had there.

And life keeps going!


My two new awesome friends! Lucky and Carly:

Lucky and I at the Faire:

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