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Hi! My name is Gina Luna and I am a self taught Italian/ Brazilian Artist, living in Maine, USA, with my beloved husband and adored cats. 
I started sculpting professionally in 1999.
I am passionate about creating original Art, inspired by all that is beautiful and magical of the natural and spiritual worlds.

My Art work is original, one of a kind and each piece is the only one in the whole wide Universe! 

I have millions of ideas for new projects in my mind and I am always creating new Art.

I never use molds and there are no molds created from my sculptures.

All my sculptures are sculpted and painted by hand, one at a time.

Aunt Elza

   Besides being an Artist, I am also passionate about the Mystic Arts and  the ancient Gods as I come from a family of Lovers of the Occult.

   My aunt Elza taught me how to Tell Fortunes when I was 4 years old and I have been performing Tarot Readings all my life. 

   My grandmother was fabulous at creating charms and herbal preparations to heal the body.

   My grandfather was a Freemason degree 33. He would bless people, cure and get rid of the Evil Eye with the use of herbs and his breath. 

   My grandfather's sister had Seances at her house every Wednesday night when she conjured the dead.

   I am an eternal student of the Occult and I am delighted to offer Sorcery Solutions for my clients.

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