Hi! My name is Gina Luna and I am a self taught Italian/ Brazilian Artist, a Mystic living in Maine, USA, with my beloved husband and adored cats. 
I started sculpting professionally in 1999.
I am passionate about creating original Art, inspired by all that is beautiful and magical of the natural and Spiritual worlds.

Gina   Luna





Reiki Master


Hereditary Strega

Tarot & Divination

Potions' Maker


Talking to Spirits 

My Art work is original, one of a kind and each piece is the only one in the whole wide Universe! I accept orders, please contact me.

I have millions of ideas for new projects in my mind and I am always creating new Art.

I never use molds and there are no molds created from my sculptures.​

All my sculptures are sculpted and painted by hand, one at a time.

Aunt Elza
Aunt Elza

Grandmother Maria
Grandmother Maria

My home in Brazil
My home in Brazil

Aunt Elza
Aunt Elza

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A little bit more about me...



Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you!

Italian Folk Magic, embracing the Abrahamic God is practiced in my family. 


From benedictions to removing the Evil Eye, to creating good luck charms and Fortune Telling (which my aunt Elza calls: "Reading your luck") to contacting the dead. 

My grandmother Maria knew so much! I see her as a "Renaissance Woman", there was nothing she couldn't do.

Grandma never stoped! She was always busy doing something: cooking, plating flowers and herbs, sowing... creating her little good luck charms that she called Patuas (a word she borrowed from African religions so common in Brazil, where we lived at the time), these little charms came in small red cloth bags filled with little natural materials that she whispered an incantation over while sowing the bag together. She would make you keep one of these in your wallet at all times.

When I was a child, she had me helping her in the kitchen, which I din't really love to do, but now I realize that she was actually teaching me how to cook and today I'm grateful, as I remember it all!

I like to think that I inherited her strength.


My grandfather Miguel would bless people with herbs and the use of his breath while whispering an incantation. 

He was a Freemason, degree 33, he had this number decorated using tiles on the steps on the front entrance of his house, a sign for the initiated to see and make notice of, but you had to look at the right angle to discover it.

He taught himself how to play the piano, guitar and accordion. He also performed tricks with playing cards, just like a Magician.

I like to think I inherited his healing gift.

Aunt Elza was the Fortune Teller in the family. She learned how to tell fortunes with her uncle Jose Borges. She told me when I was 3 years old that when I grow up, I would be telling fortunes just like her.

 She spent her time telling fortunes and reading her Oracles, that was how she made her living. She was my father's sister. Aunt Elza was always so dear to me! She always had indoor/outdoor cats. I think I inherited my love for cats from my father's side of the family, as my paternal grandpa along with his children including aunt Elza, always loved the feline company; when my grandpa Nicolau Leao (Leao translates to Lion) passed away, he had 14 lovely cats. 

I remember spending time in aunt Elza's home when I was growing up and her Siamese cat would come to me in the middle of the night (she always had at least one Siamese cat), her cat would sit on my stomach and talk. He would meow. But for me, half asleep and half awake, in that state when your spirit is not aware of its restrictions to the body and it is ready to take flight, in that special way, I was able to understand what her cat would be telling me with his meownese. It was the funniest thing! He would tell me all about the neighborhood and his walks and he would gossip! Can you imagine? Yes, cats gossip!!

I like to think I inherited Aunt Elza's gift for Divination.

Great-aunt Assunta, grandpa Miguel's sister, had her Seances every Wednesday evening, where she opened her home for the rich and the poor alike, to those that wanted to contacted their loved ones that were long gone.

She told my mother when I was a young child, that I was a Medium and should be trained.

I like to think I inherited her gift for contacting Spirits.

I have realized throughout the years that Magic works in a natural way. What I have learned through the years concerning contacting the Spirit world and communicating with the dead, has been my private gnosis, where I become a bridge in between Worlds.


My Divination Sessions have become more passive, as I quietly wait for the precious incoming communication from the beyond, while I sometimes glance at my Oracle of Bones to further clarify and deliver to you in a precise way, my communication with the Spirits. 


I have grown fonder of simplicity and desirous of a stronger connection with the land, its animals and Spirits. 


I work magic closer to my roots and I am offering you here, the folk magic that has always been part of my family tradition and I strive to continue reaching deeper and deeper and higher and higher, in search for the truth of our beings: as humans, as spirits and as Magical Human Ghosts, Cosmic beings endowed with a Divine Spark and constantly communing with a plethora of Animal Spirits.