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Goddess Cries

In 2021, "Goddess Cries” Sculpture Exhibited on the Union of Maine Visual Arts (digital) Gallery from Portland, Maine. Under the theme Love/Rage: Goddess.

The Goddess is pregnant with the planet Earth and she is broken hearted. She holds her heart on her hands for all to see, the heart just torn away in this moment of agony, a pledge for peace, but leaving behind instead, an empty black catacomb on her chest, and a heart that bleeds bright red droplets. Her anger has turned into grief for the planet and for the animals that human beings continue to destroy incessantly, not realizing this kamikaze behavior is the path towards certain doom in a future not far away.Measuring 36 inches tall. Original and the only one in the world. Hand sculpted in professional stone clay, hand painted with gesso and pastéis, embellished with vintage jewels and fabric, vintage decoupage butterflies, vintage flowers, acrylic wigs, driftwood from Maine. 

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