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God Pan

Sculpting Pan has been one of my favorite things! I first encounter Pan in a dream, dozens upon dozens full moons ago. He came into my dream to deliver a message! I knew right away it was him, even though he had modern clothes on. He wasted no time in telling me:

“You will be happy in Catavia”. He said.

And I replied:

“Where is Catavia?” To which he proudly answered:

“In Greece of course!”.

And all of a sudden, I woke up. With the encounter fresh in my mind, I went ahead to search for Catavia in my old desktop computer with a very slow dial up internet connection. And there is was! Catavia not only existed, but it was very much so in Greece! Kattavia!

I’m still to take Pan on his word and go check Kattavia out, maybe one of these days.

You see, I was sculpting many of his statues at the time and I never asked him for anything. I believe he felt obliged to me somehow and popped into my dream to deliver a gift, an information he certainly thought we humans cherish; after all, all we really want is to be happy, isn’t it?


* * *


Measuring approximately 14.5 inches tall. Hand sculpted in air dry stone clay, hand painted with acrylics and a dash of biodegradable glitter, varnished.

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