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No more Art Dolls for me

No more Art Dolls for me. I’m going through all the Art Dolls’ craft materials gathered for the last 15 years and getting rid of them. Fabric is being donated and other little things like yarn, beads and embellishments will go on a yard sale. It breaks my heart to let it all go. I have so many unborn dolls in my mind, millions upon millions of them! But it’s too much work, my hands can’t do it anymore, my meds attack my joints more than ever now. I’m left with drawing and painting which I can still do and maybe I will sculpt a little in porcelain every now and then, as the softness of it doesn’t hurt so much. I leave you here with Luella, my best ever created Art Doll. Her hair is my own hair and the white cat is made with hair from my beloved Persian cat Diddle. ❤️

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