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The King is dead.

Updated: May 14, 2020

❤️❤️❤️❤️ King Nenê ❤️❤️❤️

❤️ December 31, 2005 - May 08, 2020 ❤️

Nenê was the last descendant of my first cat: Sofia. I used to say that he was the last of the Mohicans.

Nenê was born on a sunny midday of New Year’s Eve day in my home in Brazil. I had prepared a cat house for his mother to have her babies in, but she chose the grass. I saw him being born, along with his twin brother. I placed them both gently in the cat house where they would be safer. Nenê survived, his brother died when still a baby, after all my treatments against their vicious worms failed. I wasn’t sure Nenê would survive, but he was a warrior!

During his first year, he was an outdoors’ cat. But just outside my bedroom, where I created houses for the few outdoor cats we had and they were protected by fences and all. It was a large property, a Ranch away from town. But

Nenê would find a way into to house to find me, when I wasn’t outside with him. From the railing in our varanda, he would would deliver a precise jump, way above and passing over our large and ferocious dog that was asleep under this narrow horizontal window that allowed Nenê entrance into the master bathroom. It was a one chance jump only, he couldn’t fail (his life depended on it!) and he never failed. Once I found out the danger of that jump, he made his way into becoming an indoor cat. Imagine that, he faced a ‘Dragon‘ to come see me! And not only once, but several times a day!

Nenê had a full life of many adventures. He loved to talk, and he talked all the time! He would answer when we talked to him and start conversations when we were not talking and also interrupt our conversations to tip in his 50 cents.

He moved with me a few times and with Andrew and I, we moved across oceans! Nenê became the new King unexpectedly in 2015, when the old King Luigi passed away at the age of 14.

Nenê chose Adora, the most beautiful fluffy female cat in our home to be his Queen. You know, there is no Kingdom without a Queen! After my first surgery, my gallbladder removal in 2016, Nenê made sure our other cats wouldn’t come close to me and he would direct me to stay in the bedroom resting with him until I recovered. Nenê was there for me during all my surgeries and was so present while I fought breast cancer!

He was my champion! He would sleep with me after my chemo treatments in 2017 and 2018. I have a bite scar in the form of a crescent moon that was given to me by Nenê himself, but it was accidentally. One day he was going down the stairs and Diddle (our white Persian cat) was going up the same flight of stairs. They met each other midway and no one was moving and Nenê was getting stressed out and puffed up. I feared a bad fight was on the way, so, very carefully I came behind Nenê and picked him up. He thought Diddle got him and out of despair and ready to fight, he turned his head and bit my wrist. I didn’t move. I thought that pulling away from his mouth would tear my skin even more. It just took a few seconds for Nenê to see that he was actually biting me! And he let go right away and jumped off my arms in an instant. It took him over a year to let me pick him up again, he got traumatized by this accident. And my wrist, well, it didn’t bleed, and it cured the pain and took the swelling away that I had on that wrist for many years prior that no doctor could decipher. He cured my wrist!

He gave me much healing and protection during all his almost 15 years of the purest love with me.

Nenê completed his journey, passing away between our arms on the grass in front of the Vet’s office. He was so excited to be on the grass again. Without any more pain, he fell asleep on the grass while I sang him his favorite songs, where I told him how beautiful he was, my little yellow baby, and I thanked him for all his love and care and protection for me/us. I also told him that he could come back if he wanted to, but I saw that he had completed his mission with the greatest success! He is not coming back. That same night, I saw him in my dreams, he came in like all my other cats that have gone before: with lots of joy and energy and happiness. Nenê showed me that he is living in perfection now.

Soar your way high up in the skies with your new well earned wings, my yellow baby, my little lion! ... until the day comes when we will fly once again and forever: together!


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