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Strega Art Doll

Strega Italian Witch Art Doll

by Gina Luna

On Auction now at:

Welcome to My World!

Here I present you with the real Strega! The Italian Witch!

She brings down the mystery and magic of the full starry moon through her long black hair. She carries upon herself, the weight of The blessings of her Ancestors. She carefully holds on to her most precious enchantment, her familiar black kitty. Through her crystal ball she sees all that is, was and shall become. She rides upon her magical broom, cleansing from negativity wherever she goes with her Ruta charm.

Original and One of a Kind!

Measuring approximately 14 inches tall and may be displayed on your wall. Her face is hand sculpted in Professional Polymer, hand painted with Oil paint. Embellished with vintage fabric, Acrylic silver stars chain, yarn, vintage lace fabric, small titanium coated crystal ball, vintage plastic skull hand painted, acrylic hair, she is adorned with real picture of the moon, vintage beads, mini roses, vintage metal heart, handmade black cat with vintage fabric and hand sculpted and painted eyes, Lots of Earth friendly biodegradable glitter, mini broom with handle made of a fallen branch from my Fairy Tree, I created a charm with a sacred Sprig of Rue (Ruta Graveolens) collected from my own garden, encased on non toxic resin, and a large golden vintage Star on her back.

All parts are assembled permanently.

Gina Luna’s Art Work has been published in “Art Doll Quarterly” and “Dolls” Magazines.


Purveyor of extraordinary Art, Gina Luna captivates her beholders with bright hues and fine nuances of the exquisite delights of fairy flights beholding the glittery lights of divine perceptions. Each Art Piece is a soul unique expression of her work... each is a true one and only Art Piece in the Universe!

Gina Luna is a self taught Italian Artist, passionate about bringing magic into her one of a kind creations. Raised in a family of Artists, lovers of the Occult and the Magical Arts.

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