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Spirit Possession

I fought a Spirit possession this morning. Not fun, but more annoying than anything.

It has happened before, while I’m sleeping and I know what is happening and I try to wake up. The fight feels like many hours.

I’m protected, it won’t come in, it’s more of a pushing away fight and it gets tiresome. When I realized it wasn’t going anywhere, I drew back from my catholic folk magic roots and I started praying. I couldn’t remember anymore the whole Holy Father prayer, but I remembered the Holy Mother prayer and after a few of those, I woke up to my mouth still praying.

We know that the Abraham God will take care of such things, he hates all other spirits and will attack on sight. And it worked.

Feeling ungrounded and in a strange way, I performed the “Headless Daimon Ritual” (Ancient Greek/Roman Sorcery Ritual) on myself and it brought me back to safe reality.

Now I’m having an early meal to seal the deal.

What a day!

I believe Mediums are more susceptible to such encounters and must be more careful.

I have audio recorded my experience below. The recording got cut off at the end, but this is basically what I wanted to say.

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