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Our vines are growing!

We planted grape vines this year. I wanted to have them so bad! You see, we left our grape vine already giving its first fruits the year we left our home in Maine. It took it three years to grow!

This year we planted three grape vines in our new home's garden. I thought it was going to take another three years, but not this time! They are growing like crazy and there are already little grapes growing! It's amazing!

When we planted them, I wondered if I was going to be here to taste the grapes, fighting stage 4 cancer and all.

It looks like I will see all those grapes! Not so sure if there will be any left for us to eat, with the multitude of birds we have attracted to our garden, having available water and seeds all the time. And it's totally fine if they eat the grapes! They can have as much as they please.

When we moved here, there was no garden, there was only grass. Not even one tree. Nobody planted anything. I don't understand how someone can live in a place without plants, without life. No birds either. I'm not a plant lady. This is really the first time I made it serious to have a garden full of plants. Though I grew up with the most marvelous plants around me, as my grandmother used to be always planting, she was the one with the green thumb for sure!

Then, we got busy last year and started planting rose bushes and even planted an Apple Tree! All my favorites!

I thought there was a chance I wouldn't live to see the apples.

When we planted Apple Trees when we lived in Iowa, it took also three years for them to bear fruit.

But alas! This year we had one flower on the Apple Tree here. One flower on the top of it, crowning it! Magnificent! And I thought to myself, here comes the apples! How truly marvelous!

I picked up this lonely Cactus at ALDIs yesterday. It was the last one, all there by himself, with its soil all dried up. I bought him, brought him home and planted him in a much bigger pot.

This other Cactus we bought at a Thrift Store, it was also not looking well at the time, in a dried up soil, inside a small container. We bought him and brought him home too! I planted him in a larger pot and he is so happy now, has grown quite a bit and has a little buddy growing beside him now. Fantastic!

I'm fighting for my life and I am creating life all around me.

I'm learning new things about this world as I go. Every day there are new things to learn if you only pay attention.

By creating life around me, by giving to others that which I'm lacking, I bring more of it back to myself. That's how things get balanced out.

Give to others that which you don't have!

It's beautiful! It's life... It's love!❤️

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