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October 12, 2020 The Serpent Face God

(This is a Ritual from the PGM)

October 12, 2020

The next morning after the Ritual.

I asked for a message in my dreams, from the Serpent Face God. I had a couple of images in my dream last night that were strange.

The first image, there were a couple of young man in bicycles and doing those strange manoeuvres, but they were upside down, their heads on the ground.

The second image was a glass jar, in an hour glass shape with white powder inside. It had a white plastic lid that didn't fit well and I was looking for a lid that was gold in color as I knew that one to be the right one.

Maybe it helps o know what my question to the Snake Face God was. I asked: "What can I do to stay healthy and stop cancer from coming back."


On October 11, I performed the Serpent Face God Ritual today.

I found it appropriate to do it by the old apple tree in my backyard. I saw pictures of this apple tree already this size in the year 1800 when my house was built, I don’t know how old the tree is, but it is very old! I purified the area with salt and baking soda and burned Frankincense.

I sat on the blanket and recited the incantation several times.

Birds were very noisy, lots of noisy cars passing by and suddenly I noticed my upper body slightly rocking back and forth, something I never do. I had the distinct feeling the answer to my question was to keep on moving. But I also asked to be shown the answer on a dream tonight.

I thanked the Serpent god for his answer and the answer that would come in my dream tonight and I offered him the snake skin and left it wrapped on a plant by the ground in front of the Apple tree.

As I was leaving, I noticed that there were some good apples on the ground that could be eaten. Last month I thought the apples were not good this year. So, I returned and picked a few apples from the ground, leaving an abundance of apples behind for the critters. I also saw some mushrooms growing on the other side of the tree.

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