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Mirabelle has left us

***** Mirabelle Luna Josephs *****

***** 2006 - 2022 ******

Mirabelle has left us this night. ❤️ But she forever remains in our hearts.

She was an Exotic cat my Vet in Brazil at the time gave me, as she came out not so perfect of the breed for him to sell.

Her passing is the end of an Era for me as she was the last of my 6 Brazilian cats (all gone now) I brought with me from Brazil to the US in 2007. She was anti-social for many years, just like her father, I was told.

The first picture comes with a poem my beloved marvelously wrote just now, for our adored Mirabelle. He mentions the storm as we are getting a storm this weekend, and he used to call her “Pillow Walker” as we never heard her come in the room.

And I added a few more of my favorite pictures of her, along with one that she is on top of me (giving me healing) and my purple hat, as I was resting from chemo in 2018.

She died in our arms and will always be our most loved “Princess Pillow Walker”. ❤️

The Poem, by Andrew Josephs

“Just before the storm

The Princess chose to leave.

Our hearts break tonight

But are lightened by the fifteen years she shared with us.

Quiet and delicate

But never fragile until now,

And yet She is not affected by storms.

She is royalty.

She leaves to rest on well deserved silken pillows.

Asleep, now, Mirabelle.”

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