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Major Grace

Representing all the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot.

*The Major Grace*

Delivering the Major Arcana of the Tarot in full glorious beauty!

We start with the *Fool*, being represented by the cat on top of her head and being naked as *The Star* in her willingness to be free, as her *Hanged Man's* cord is broken by her left ankle, holding the *Magician's* Wand and mimicking with her hands the position of "As above, so below" while standing at the top of the *World's* precipice, illuminated by the *Hermit's* lamp, transmuting herself into all the angel figures of the Tarot, by the agency of her feathered wings: *The Lovers*, *Temperance*, *Judgement*. She bears the golden crown of  *The Empress* and *The Emperor*, and also a symbol of the crown of the *Pope*, who is also represented by the bishop white chess piece on the top of her head. The black bishop chess piece can be imagined as the *Devil* or the *High Priestess* herself. The Queen and the King chess pieces represent *The Emperor* and *The Empress*. *Justice* appears as the sword by her left side. The *High Priestess* also makes her appearance by the crescent moon  on the back of her head. Black and white horses on her hair stand for the *Chariot*, the brass lion for  *Strength*, while the *Wheel of Fortune* is present by the double brass pieces by her right temple. The *Sun* and the *Moon* embellish the front of her golden crown. The *Tower* can be seen fallen, as a white chess piece on the left side top of the back of her head and also as LEGO pieces falling apart on the back of her feet, on the ground. The horned *Devil* and *Death* mingle together on the face at the back of her head. There are also many tiny stars and a large metal star on the top of her head for the *Star*.

Measuring 23 and 1/2  inches tall, hand sculpted on Stone clay, painted with gesso and pastéis. Embellished with vintage silk roses, chess pieces, rhinestones, vintage golden embossed French Metal crown style, vintage lamp, wood branch gathered by the ocean in Maine, vintage fabric and golden yarn, paper roses, miniature birds, vintage metal star, vintage miniature cat, moon image, vintage feathers, vintage LEGO blocks, Eco friendly biodegradable glitter. Her blonde acrylic wig was in reality, the first wig I started wearing in 2018 after chemo.

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