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I’ve been painting my loved ones

I've been painting my family and friends these days.

Lately I painted my friend Lynnel from Chicago, a gift for her birthday this month:

It took me a few days to paint this one. I started trying to paint it in a more modern way and it didn't work, so I had to re-do it. This is my friend Lynn and in my eyes, I painted her beautifully.

Then I painted my friend Mary from Oregon. Mary is a Witch of Scottish and Wales descendance. She loves her Scottish Fold cats! It's her birthday next month, and this is my gift to her. She will be 80 years old next year! I can only dream of getting that old! It would be a miracle if I live another 10 years, which would make me 60.

This is my friend Mary:

I don't think my friends realize the importance of these paintings.

It's Art that I'm leaving behind after I pass on. It's a way for me to remain alive in their mids and hearts. It's me not totally gone, still living on...

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