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Darling Patricia, you will be missed ❤️

It doesn’t matter how much older we get and it doesn’t matter how many loved ones we lose, the news of death still comes in so heavy, clouded in dreadfulness.

I have seen death up close and it’s not a pretty sight with heavenly choirs bringing light at the end of the tunnel, it’s pure emptiness of a darker kind, the promise of oblivion, getting lost in the abyss through a door of no return.

Today I light a candle for my beloved friend from childhood, Patricia Freitas, daughter of my Godparents, ripped away from life too young.

My darling Patricia, may your journey forward bring you the rewards of all the most beautiful kindness you so freely offered us while on this mortal realm.

May you not spend even one second in darkness.

May you ascend quickly and not suffer the thirst of the restless spirits. For you are forever and ever loved and never forgotten.❤️

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