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Creating candles

I created my 3 black candles today for my ritual with Hekate tonight. I have been making candles since I was a child and I don’t really like to work with candle molds. So, what I do is that I use a shallow silicone cake mold where I pour the hot melted beeswax in. After it it’s cooled, I take it out of the mold and I roll the candle with the wick in the middle. It helps to warm the wax a little bit with a hair dryer (that you separate only for this work). I wanted long candles and I divided it in three parts, cutting it with s knife, before rolling each one.

I already had black beeswax mixed with dried Rosemary. I used to make these candles for cleansing when I had my shop in town.

I Like to use Hamp wick that already comes waxed. I braid three pieces of hamp cord together to make the wick.

The candles ends up looking very rustic, specially if you have herbs in the middle of the wax.

And yes, the herbs might catch on fire too and make a mess. Maybe it would be better to grind the herbs in advance, though I love seeing them on the candle.

I use an electric pan with it a lid to melt the beeswax. Otherwise, you need to melt the beeswax in a double boiler pan on the stove.

I prefer to use pure beeswax and I get non toxic candle coloring tablets.

If you don’t add herbs, they are easier to roll.

I haven’t tried this with soy wax yet, but I just might in the future when I run out of my beeswax, since it’s so much cheaper. Though, beeswax is known to cleanse the air against impurities and allergens, and it is so precious.

I like to place the candles in the freezer for a few hours before burning them and they will burn longer and not drip as much.

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