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And the stars fell down… premonition.,,

My Starry Floors… what you are looking at is the exact image of the vision I had two days ago as I carefully found a safe place for my jar of star glitters on the shelf in my Studio. In a split second I saw its future, I saw its demise. What did I do then? I found a safe place for it, so it wouldn’t be at the edge of the shelf, prone to falling. Today I went to get something behind this jar of stars and let me tell you, I was so very careful, as the vision of the starry floors still haunted me! As fate had it, the clear tape on top of the jar was sticking to that one thing I went to grab at the shelf and to my amazement, the stars fell down all over the floor…

What should I have done two days ago? Close that tape or find another container with a lid, but I was too busy to care about Stars. 😐

I have had this similar premonition many times in my life and it always makes me wonder if I could have prevented it and I never could! It's a simple thing but it may be trying to show me the intricacies of fate! I know it's going to happen, but I can't change anything. But then we ask: "Why must we know such things in the first place if we can't change destiny?"

Or can we?

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