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A New Heaven and New Earth

A NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH -The New Qualities of the Soul

Lecture by Charlie Lutes -1987 (With Rousseau Notes)

(Charlie F. Lutes Oct. 23, 1912-Dec. 7 2001)

Current problems and understanding Attunement with Thy Will, rebuilding the Future through the Present.

Man is a God to the animal kingdom and when man started to kill animals, he also started killing each other. In the coming of a New Age (fully starts in 2000 and takes 20-30 years to work out) on this earth man must abandon his old way of life and adopt an entirely new way of love and peace on earth.

-Killing always calls for more killing because that is the inevitable working of karma. Also, as you think, so you are and so you do. Wars serve no purpose of a constructive nature. They only set a pattern for more destruction.

-There is what is called the Universal Chain and the Earth is a very weak link in that chain, and the link must be strengthened. The strength or weakness lies with the humans on this earth. It is the humans that have free will and by their will they can be what they desire to be. In the finest sense, Free Will becomes Thy Will in the process of self Mastery in Attunement with God and Divine Laws. Divine Laws governs Natural Law, with Self Mastery over the lower nature or lower mind.

Anyone who has no real love for animals -has no real love for God, or for his fellow humans. It is not what you declare yourself to be, it is what you really are that counts. Actions always speak louder than words.

What humans must now develop is a new way of life, a new quality of the Soul. This is very necessary due to the changes in the world that are upon us and still to come. If we are to be a part of the New Age, then we also must be made New. We must put aside our old ways and develop a quality of Love that will keep us in stride with the New Age of Peace and Harmony.

So much knowledge will be released onto the world that unless there is Harmony it will be a pure disaster. It is the human who, created in the Image of God, must now start to portray that Image. We must have a greater understanding of cause and effect, so we will become fully responsible for what we cause.

-The law of reincarnation is such that every thought and deed returns to its original source. We must harvest our mistakes by the experiences we create for ourselves. We must raise ourselves Spiritually so that a full understanding of right and wrong, and living the laws of life, is fully in our daily Consciousness. It is by our own ‘free will’ that we allow ourselves to be directed and guided to Higher Spirituality.

There will come a time in the near future when Nature will not allow anyone to inhabit the Earth who does not measure up to the quality necessary to live in the New Age. None of this is impossible, and when we desire to travel the high road, we can instantly start to do so.

God is far more Merciful than we can ever imagine. If we truly believe in God, then we also believe in ourselves. If we wish to live the Law of God, which is also in the Law of Nature, then God or nature will surely support us. If we choose not to do this, then we must be willing to accept the effects of the karma we have created.

In the near future an enormous amount of Higher Knowledge will be released to mankind, and if we are not fully indoctrinated into Peace and Harmony we could unleash terrible things upon each other, the world and the universe. What we release here has a far reaching effect, way beyond this earth. So, Nature and the Spiritual Hierarchy, in self-protection, will not allow this to happen.

We are now coming into a Time of quickening where in the next one-thousand years, humanity will make more progress than occurred in the last fifty-thousand years. The thing that will happen is that humanity will come up to a Higher Vibration, a stage of life where life will be truly Spiritual.

When we reach this, we will be living a life of Beauty and an ever increasing Spiritual development.

- The days of selfish interests of humans, where humans destroy others to obtain what others have striven to acquire, is fast drawing to a conclusion. The Law of the Universe is that the strong shall help the weak. Those who exploit the weak, overrun them and destroy them will shortly be removed from causation on this earth.

- The evil will be separated from the Good and that which is Good will even so become better.

- To be free of karma one must transcend all limitations of time, for time is the field that karma operates in.

To understand why we have afflictions in life, we must first understand the conditions that give birth to afflictions. To discover this we must go back to the ‘what, how and why’ of life. Afflictions come from the ego, or small I-ness, which sets up the ignorance in life, the attraction and repulsion in life, the desire for continuity and finally the fulfillment of life, and all this on the platform of desires. Hence, this is a Desire World; a lesson World.

Meditation (which is an Infusion of Being or Holy Spirit) lessens the impact of numerous afflictions that came into one’s life, and slowly takes one out of all afflictions. Due to the infusion of Superior Spiritual Energy into the Soul, over time, we rise above them through a process of purification and lastly, by this Infusion, we are liberated from ‘the wheel of birth and death itself’.

It is only when one rises above the problem that one can ‘look’ into the cause of the problem; otherwise one is fully absorbed in the effect. In order for one to dissolve the affliction, one has to go beyond the intellectual process. So, afflictions can cease only as a result of the State of Transcendence through TM meditation, from consciousness expansion in self referral and action. Also, it is only in meditation that the distance between cause and effect is completely eliminated. It is also Meditation that enables one to See the cause ‘in’ the effect.

All changes in life arise from the play of opposites, from the play of the quality and duration of time. So, to be free of karma one must transcend all limitations of time, for time is the field in which karma operates. So, the human is tied to the operation of karma by being subjected to the impacts of the ever-changing environment, be it subjective or objective.

3, 4 and 5 D are bound in relativity, it is the 6 Dimension and beyond where one is free through Conscious expansion based in Knower, Knowing and what is now Known through direct experience.,

Life is said to be of the three-fold misery; the obvious conditions of misery arise due to the functioning of the three gunas. In Meditation, we transcend the 3 gunas.

-The problem lies in the conflict between the functioning tributes and the mind. It is the distortions in the mind that set up the conflict in the functioning of the three gunas. The gunas are objective and the mind is subjective. So, all suffering in life can be traced to the conflict between the gunas and the distorted mind. This is the play of opposites, and from this comes all the afflictions in life.

Many have a desire to consult astrologers and others to find out, if possible, what the future holds for them. However, most of these predictions are far from being totally reliable because life is not static, or that is to say, completely fixed. We may all have a destiny and dharma, but that does not mean we follow them, mostly because of free choice or free will. Also, others can forget their part.

To know what the future holds for you, one must learn how to live in the present.

The only one who really knows how to live in the present, is one who places his Faith in God first and meditates each and every day. For in meditation, God talks to us and we experience God each and every day. That is the real meaning of living in the present, and if each day is lived in Harmony with Nature, then the Future will take care of itself. (New Charlie Lutes Section)

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