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A life unfinished

These unfinished butterfly fairy wings symbolize my life as it is, perfectly!

I'm going through boxes and more boxes of craft supplies, trying to get rid of as much as possible to make space for a guest room.

We have moved from an immense house to a small house by the beach. I got rid of many things before we moved, but still, I saw myself healthy and able to accomplish the world!

But it is no longer so. Last January, my most beloved month, my birthday month, delivered harsh news. I'm once again fighting cancer, and this time, it's stage 4, no cure.

I see myself not only focusing on the most important aspects of my life, but also the creative side that wants to create everything! As I go through my art supplies, collected through 13 years of yard sales, thrift stores, antique shops and online supplies, I revisit in my mind, all the wondrous art I meant to create with each piece. I fight the urge to keep it all.

I know I can no longer accomplish all the art endeavors I once dreamed of. It's time now to be practical and only focus on a couple of things. Maybe three things. But no more!

The creation of Art Dolls must go. Most of my supplies are for them. They take so much space! They took so much of me! Fabric, lace, yarn, beads, sculpted faces, stones, little wooden pieces, shiny things, itsy bitsy little things...

It is so hard to let go!

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