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A ghost with a toast

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It’s our wedding anniversary today! 12 years of loving bliss! ❤️❤️ Andrew baked the best gluten free cake ever and showered me with gifts and eternal love! And to make it even more unforgettable, we received a toast from the past. My aunt (my mother’s sister) since yesterday has been filming with her phone, snippets of old family videos and sending them to the family. Colors are too bright, everybody looks orange or red. But interestingly enough, she sent me one today, with my father making a toast with beer. And it is so timely right on my anniversary. It feels awesome! My father passed away in 1989 at the young age of 40, 31 years ago, this video is 32 years old (1988). He is the one in the white shirt, by my mother’s side and my older brother’s side. What a most glorious day this has been! Love is ever present, because it never ends! It’s infinite!❤️

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