** The most Powerful Potions in this World! by Gina Luna **


Truth Serum is a very handy Potion for you to have. Dab a bit on your fingertips and touch the skin of the person you want to tell you the truth and ask your questions. They will have to tell the truth.


Organic ingredients! Herbs, flowers, resins, roots, oils, essential oils. Ancient Hereditary Italian Witch formula! Witch’s family secrets!


Created by the hands of the Sacred Magician!


It is all about vibrations and when we bring the vibrations we lack into our own energies, we change our lives!


This is a Magical Potion to be added to candles, incense, sacred objects and to be used to anoint the skin.

Please only apply to healthy skin and do the allergy test first, adding a little to the back of your arm and wait to see if you have a reaction.

Truth Serum Potion Magical Super Power Hereditary Witch Family Secrets


    © Gina Luna