*✶*¨EnChAnTeD WAND by Gina Luna. * * * Hereditary Italian Witchery ¨*✫*¨*.¸¸
*✶**✶The Witch Queen Sovereign *✶**✶ A Real Witch's Wand
*✶**✶ The Spirit of the Witch Queen in my hand I hold, in Salem's wood of old! Never dead, forever Sovereign!

A luxury piece of Magic, hand created in the hereditary ways of the Witch of Ancient times. Awakened through hereditary sacred family formulas of Potions and Condensers. Empowered by the hands of the Gods. Ready to be handed over to a true Witch. 

Spirit vessel made of a wood branch I carefully picked on the grounds of Salem City, Mass, near the Cemetery. Already immensely empowered with the City's Sorcery of old and of new.  

Measuring approximately 14 inches long in all its glory!

Holding a large faceted water clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone with red Quartz' streaks imbedded in the crystal, magnificente and a heirloom piece thatched been in my family for generations.
Adorned with hard to find vintage Austrian Swarovski faceted crystals of many colors and shapes, blood red glass charm, Extremely brilliant European glass glitter in Copper. 

Super Magnificent in person and Super Powerful! With raw organic energy that shall give you goosebumps. 

Difficult to photograph as it has a light of its own. 

One of a kind and the only one in this Universe! 


The Witch Queen Wand Enchanted Salem


    © Gina Luna