*✶*¨EnChAnTeD WAND by Gina Luna. * * * Hereditary Italian Witchery ¨*✫*¨*.¸¸
*✶**✶The Seer *✶**✶ A Real Witch's Wand
*✶**✶ Eye in front, eye behind, for me to see all around. Nothing I miss, all I conquer through the light of my heart, shinning through my eyes. 

A luxury piece of Magic, hand created in the hereditary ways of the Witch of Old. Awakened through ancient sacred family formulas of Potions and Condensers. Empowered by the hands of the Gods. Ready to be handed over to a true Witch. 

Spirit vessel made of drift wood that I carefully picked on the shores of Maine. Already charmed as a cleansing tool for being emerged in salty water for so long.

Measuring a hair over 13 inches long in all its glory!

Embellished with hand picked for purity, semi precious gemstones: large, over 4 inches diameter, water clear rarity Quartz Crystal Sphere (Heirloom piece from my aunt Elza, the Fortune Teller), faceted Fire Labradorite (eye shape), Clear Amethyst (round cabochon), Raw Ametrine, Azurite with Malachite (3 large beads), Amethyst Druzy Cluster, Lápis Lazuli with Pyrite (oval cabochon). 

Adorned with glass eyes, vintage copper and silver finds, scrolling charms, rose, hard to find vintage faceted Rainbow Austrian Swarovski crystals, glass blue metallic shinny star, chains, Mexican flaming heart, vintage pearl like beads. 

Hand painted with brushes and fingers in golds, silver, Lilac, soft blue and black paint and waxes.

Super Magnificent in person and Super Powerful! With raw organic energy that shall give you goosebumps. 

Difficult to photograph as The Seer has a light of its own. 

One of a kind and the only one in this Universe! 


The Seer Wand Enchanted Hand made


    © Gina Luna