*.✫*¨*.¸¸. Temple of Stars Witch Wand .✫*¨*.¸¸.


Please view video of this Wand here: https://youtu.be/8y4gji3XNvA


A super powerful Wand as a Spirit vessel, keeping the enchantment of the Stars Spell within, invoked by the sacred hands of the Magician, enabled with the ever so precious handmade *Coumpounded Fluid Condenser* (Franz Bardon’s recipe).


A large crystal clear Quartz Crystal ball on the top and two clear Quartz Crystal points On sides, give this Real Wand intense power!


Embellished with silver vintage star charms and bio degradable glitter dust and stars.


Measuring 20 and 1/2 inches long, a wooden branch I picked in person from the grounds of Salem, Mass, by the Cemetery in 2019.


All parts are attached permanently and varnished.


Superb power and fabulous beauty!




Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you!

Destiny has filled my journey with glory and a little bit of mischief every now and then, and that is the nature of things, life as it is in this Realm; always around us ready to give, ready to support and if you are not careful, ready to take it all back and a little more...

Magic is not an easy subject to talk about, specially to those that don't believe there could be anything beyond this material world we live in; but please be patient and bear with me and I will show you the beauty of our lives that are filled with miracles all around us. But I don't condemn you if you distrust, specially nowadays with so many self proclaimed experts and also such an abundance of writers of endless occult books... It's no wonder you feel lost! And lost you remain. And here I come, to to try to shed some little light into your darkest moments. I don't say I am bringing you the light, but lighting a match that will last enough time to light your brighter light. So that you may start to see as our lights will shine brighter together.

About the mysteries... I hold nothing back, I will tell you all that there is to be known, all that I know, which is not everything, but it is the truth learned by an honest adept. Let those who have ears hear the truth, you will only listen if you are ready. Have no fear! A candle that is lit with good intent will never burn a house down... but please, don't leave it unattended.

I must start from the beginning... so, here we go:

I come from a long line of hereditary Italian practitioners of Magic and lovers of the Occult! ... we were witches and I didn't know it. You see, when you are raised that way, it is all very ordinary, we do not think we are different than others or special in any way. We went to Church, we had novenas. If anyone asked, we would not hesitate to say we were Roman Catholics; as that was how witchcraft survived (through mingling itself with the Christian ways).

I would go around helping grandma with her herbs and concoctions. Grandma knew so much! From all the ordinary every day tasks to herbs, Omens and Amulets...

I would help grandpa to heal the sick with his prayers and benedictions. Grandpa was a Freemason, a 33 degree one. He hid his awards and magic books in the basement where no one was allowed entrance, except for himself.

Aunt Elza gave me my first deck of Tarot cards for divination and later my first crystal ball. She spent her time telling fortunes and reading her Oracles, that was how she made her living. She was my father's sister. You see, I have 'Elf's blood, the Gift, the Sight... the Curse...' from both sides of my family. Aunt Elza was always so dear to me! She always had indoor/outdoor cats. I think I inherited my love for cats from my father's side of the family, as my paternal grandpa along with his children including aunt Elza, always loved the feline company; when my grandpa passed away he had 14 lovely cats.

I remember spending time in aunt Elza's home when I was growing up and her Siamese cat would come to me in the middle of the night (she always had at least one Siamese cat), her cat would sit on my stomach and talk. He would meow. But for me, half asleep and half awake, in that state when your spirit is not aware of its restrictions to the body and it is ready to take flight, in that special way, I was able to understand what her cat would be telling me with his meownese. It was the funniest thing! He would tell me all about the neighborhood and his walks and he would gossip! Can you imagine? Yes, cats gossip!!

Aunt Elza taught me about palmistry, she started by drawing the planets on my hands, teaching me which mount on the palm of the hand belonged to which Astrological Divinity. I still do that today, not only drawing the planets, but when during a spell conjured with the hands, your hands have much to tell and I learned to give them their proper respect as they are very important, they bring grace as well as they can hurt and they send the spells on their way. You know that the wand used by magicians are simply the extension of their commanding fingers, bringing the magical properties of the type of wand at hand, focusing and delivering the magic.

Great-aunt Assunta had her Seances every Wednesday evening, where she opened her home for the rich and the poor alike, to those that wanted to contacted their loved ones that were long gone.

...Will you know when to keep a secret? "Secrecy is the Soul of Magic!" I learned that with Grandpa. When you work your magic, do not go telling everyone about it. Magic is like a little seed you planted. You must forget about it. The rain and sun will let it take its course and grow. If you keep going there and digging the seed out of the ground to see if it is growing, what do you think will happen? Be secretive about your Occult
practices. Tell no one.

I learned the basics of natural Magic with my family. Everything was done in a natural way, today known as Sympathetic magic, having everything to do with nature and its cycles. Which has to do with omens and mimics in magic ways, to have it turn into reality in our relative world. This is simple natural magic, where most of the tools used nowadays are not employed.

Stay with me and read my Blog in my Website, (GinaLuna.net) and we shall learn and grow and transcend all the realms of endless magical possibilities...


Temple of Stars Wand Magical Real Witch

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