In an antique glass bottle, sealed with a cork. In abundant amount for you to use and abuse! Ancient magical formulas! Only organic and all natural ingredients used: flowers, roots, resins, essential oils, herbs... Let me know what you are looking for and I will personalize a potion just for you: Love, Wealth, Good Luck, Stress Relief, Blessings...


You may use the Potions as perfume oils, add them to your enchantations, bath, incense, rub on candles, oil burners, apply on magical materia...


I have been creating Magical Potions for over 20 years. And before that, I worked with single plants for spiritual cleansing and healing,

I follow ancient formulas for my Potions, and I work with the energies and affinities of each ingredient (materia magica), wakening their vibrations to bring forth their highest magical purposes. 



Magical Potion * Super powerful Magic * Hereditary Witch Family Secrets


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