* * *  Super Power Magical Potion * Personalized just for you!


All natural and organic essential oils, flowers, tree resins, roots...


Bring the right vibrations into your loife and attract your heart's desires!

I will create one magical oil Potion just for you! Be it to attract love, health, friends, good luck, money...protection... Just let me know what you are looking for, give me your name and date of birth and I will create a most fabulous Potion, blessed by the Gods of Old just for you!


You Potion will come in an antique bottle, sealed with a cork. 


You may add it to candles, incense, objects, charms, use as perfume oil too!


Super Magic at your fingertips!


Please feel free to contact me any time.


Hugs and blessings


Magical Potion Personalized in Huge Antique bottle Ancient Formulas


    © 2023 by Gina Luna

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