Hello and welcome to my Shoppe!My name is Gina Luna and sculpting is one of my greatest passions! You tell me how you imagine your God or Goddess to look like and I will sculpt, paint and embellish and make your God or Goddess come alive in clay!I come from a long family line of lovers of the occult and I create a very special spiritual link to the God or Goddess while I’m sculpting their likeness, making the whole process quite divine and bringing to life details to the statue that are of paramount importance to your future magical work. Placing a little spark of that God or Goddess in the statue that becomes then, a sacred vessel. Please see here in the pictures, the Goddess Hecate, an example of my art work. Your statue will measure approximately 15 to over 20 inches tall, maybe a bit more or a bit less, depending on the statue. I use professional stone clay, which is super strong and durable. 
I use professional acrylic paint, pastel, gesso, decoupage, metallics, etc... to hand paint the statue. 
I completely hand sculpt the statue, I don’t use molds of any kind. My art work is totally original and one of a kind. The only one in the whole world!I love to add natural objects, fabric, lace, vintage charms, crystals, wood, vintage feathers, glitter, all sorts of embellishments... etc... to my creations. 
Please allow one to two weeks for the completion of your statue. 
My art work has been published several times in ‘Art Doll Quarterly Magazine’ and the Canadian ‘Dolls Magazine’.
I will work with you throughout the whole process of the creation of your God or Goddess. 
You may send images, pictures, and/or just tell me how you see your God/Goddess and I will make it come alive in clay!
Thank you and huge hugs,
💕💕Gina Luna

Goddess or God Statue * Custom Order * Hand Sculpted * Completely personalized


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