GEMSTONE REMEDY * Sacred Elixirs from the Gemstones!

Completely personalized to your hearts desires! 
I have precious gems, rare gems and common gems, I even posses small pieces of the Moon! It's true! I got it from NASA.

*¨*.¸¸ A Gemstone 'Drink Me' Remedy, in a glass bottle with dropper. take 2 to 4 drops, 4 times dailty. To guarantee freshness, I add vegetable glycerin.


The striving for truth and loyalty to oneself in connection with clarity, awareness and good perception provide a strong infusion combination in which the individual indications are strengthened. This Elixir helps one go one's own way but still to be in harmony with the world around. 

* SENSUALiTY and BEAUTY Elixir *
A gemstones' infusion for the Feminine side of Men and Women. This marvelous combination of gemstones Elixir Supports a sense of beauty, harmony, receptivity and balance. 

Concentration encouraged, discipline and attentiveness, stamina, alertness and knowledge, interest learning faster. 

* STRENGTH and STABiLiTY Elixir *
A cleansed intestine also leads to spiritual perception of purity, lightness, strength and liveliness. It encourages inner strength and stability, as well as strong development in all levels.

* PLEASURE Elixir *
An infusion for the enjoyment of the sensual joys of life! This Gemstone Elixir encourages pleasure and laughter, as well as delight in sexuality, the drive for variety and intensely experienced relationships, it encourages warmth romance and empathy. 

This Gemstone Elixir gives you liberation and honesty, directness and farsightedness, as well as strength of vision and spiritual greatness, it is an infusion to open up your horizons! 

* MATURiTY Elixir *
A Gemstone Elixir for consciousness and mental stability. A sense of security and helps one to become calm; encourages clear perception and memory; grounding and helps one to process experiences. It will enable you to make sense of and understand life's experiences and to mature spiritually. 

* PURiFiCATiON Elixir *
A Gemstone Elixir that has the effect of a 'Spring cleaning session'. This infusion detoxifies, purifies the tissues, improves the supply of nutrients and elimination in all cells and stimulates the lymph flow. It promotes a detoxification and removal of waste products from the body. This infusion can be used to even support cancer treatment. In a spiritual level, it cleanses and detoxifies, releasing frustration, conflict, sorrow, grief and resentment. Although this may result in mood swings, it is considered a sign of healing.

Farsightedness, clarity and sharpened senses make this infusion into an Elixir for consciousness, perception and insight. At the same time assiduity, consistency and single-mindedness, liveliness and a lively, nimble mind, as well as vigor and virtue, bring about the ability to turn insights direct into action.

* HAPPiNESS Joi de Vivre Elixir *
A gemstones' infusion to help your love life! In this Elixir combined: Cheerfulness and love, Confidence and Optimism as well as self-confidence. 

* CAREFREE Elixir *
A gemstones' infusion for free self-determination, good self-control, A quiet disposition and a simple, stress free life. Relaxation, recovery, regeneration and good sleep, while it encourages gentleness, serenity and a good balance between control and release. 

This infusion helps to solve problems, conflicts, uneasy compromises and omissions, until an inner order is established. The purification and control of the body are improved, as well as the function of the sensory organs, the glands, the blood vessels, nerves and the brain. Diamond Elixir helps with anxiety and depression. Encourages purification and control over one's life; supports the sensory organs, hormone glands, blood vessels, nerves and the brain. The best healing aid after strokes!

Mental clarity, consciousness and good observational abilities, alertness, awareness, justice, release of attachments, clarification, inner peace, assimilation of new ideas, the faculty for meditating and settling conflicts peaceably. ...Encourages perception and the ability to judge, dealing with sorrow and conflict. 

* SENSUAL Elixir *
Add a few drops of this Elixir to your bath water or to your body lotion.

This marvelous combination of gemstones Elixir is used after your bath/shower to promote stress relief and to get rid of fatigue. As stress causes premature aging, sickness and affects not only our bodies but our minds and spirit as well. A stress free life leads to successful living!

* ROOM PURiFiCATiON Elixir *
All is combined in this infusion: liberates one from attachments, intensely clearing, dissolves fixed patterns of behavior, cleanses and neutralizes, provides and protects free spaces. Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray the room, leave the room immediately after spraying and air it thoroughly for 15 to 30 minutes. If you decide to drink this Elixir, an intense physical cleansing of the body will occur (diarrhea, perspiring heavily, etc) may also result.

* PURYFYiNG Elixir *
Purification will disperse negative vibrations and make you feel a deeper sense of purity and of being cleansed.

* SKiN BEAUTiFY Elixir *
This marvelous combination of gemstones Elixir is used after your bath/shower, or after your skin has been cleansed to beautify your skin! It is the magic of gemstones giving what you deserve the best for your skin. Beautify yourself!

* REViTALiZiNG Elixir *
This marvelous combination of gemstones Elixir is used after your bath/shower to revitalize you! To help you feel more energized and by doing so, to help you accomplish more and always more in your day to day life!

* STiMULATiNG Elixir *
This marvelous combination of gemstones Elixir is used after your bath/shower as an stimulation, to give you the power to do more, attract more, be more and also love more. It stimulates you in what you lack and need accomplished in your life.

* RELAXiNG Elixir *
This marvelous combination of gemstones Elixir is used after your shower/bath to promote relaxation, which is extremely important to the health of your body, emotions and spirit!

 The dissolving of attachments, the neutralizing of disturbances and the regaining or maintaining of mental clarity combine to make this infusion highly effective. It makes one alert and ware and helps to ward off negative influences of any kind, or to process them.

* EMERGENCY Elixir *
An intense and fast working Elixir for when shocks or trauma occurs, being them physical or emotional in nature. A shock releaser which has a a pain alleviating effect, wound healing for physical and emotional traumas, it helps overcome anxieties and panic, spiritual confusion and also contributes towards overcoming sadness and emotional states.  

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