Take two (2) to four (4) drops in your mouth or with liquids, four (4) times a day. 

Flower Essences can be very deep acting and have the ability to clear old energy patterns, thoughts & emotions, helping restore balance and harmony to mind and emotion.

Each Flower Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency or energy, which helps to release old patterns, getting you to the root of an issue.There are absolutely no side effects on these tinctures as they only bring in the vibrational healing of plants.


I create these Flower Essences myself with ultimate care and respect, with the help of the plants that grow in my garden.



This is my favorite Flower Essence and the cure to my insomnia! I take 4 drops right before going to bed every night and I sleep! Even if I wake up, I fall back asleep again and that’s is a miracle since I have fought insomnia all my life until this Essence.

Poppy Essence is also used for Shamanic journeying. Poppy Essence helps to relieve the sense of powerless, hopelessness, anger, or depression that may accompany physical or emotional birth trauma. It encourages your soul to feel at home in your body and to resonate with the sweet song of belonging on Earth.



Lilac Flower Essence helps in the healing of sadness, depression, isolation, sense of burden, alienation, abandonment, reduces sensory experiences of brain dysfunction or disease. Alleged to increase your sense of freedom and non attachment. Helps you go with the flow, accepting things as they are; increases flexibility and open mindedness, allowing you to see new opportunities and broader perspectives. It enhances your ability to rejoice in other’s happiness and to accept others the way they are.It dissolves attachments, rigid ideas, feeling incomplete, or wishing for changes. Known to bring joy and life meaning. It helps you to integrate and be nourished by past experiences of the soul, and from childhood as well. Lilac Essence provides superior emotional support it balances the mood and the emotional body. Supports heartbreak. It stimulates the Liver, supports creativity and enhances psychic abilities.



Red Heart helps to cleans and open the heart and offer emotional freedom to love others while also nourishing and honoring the self.

Red Heart Essence supports those that are suffering deep pain and broken hearts from a loss like the death of someone close or a loved one that has moved away. The pain of the loss become so great that is takes over this person to the point they've lost sight of their own boundaries within themselves.



Love, Heart, Pain, Tears, Throat, Grief Harmonious Expression: Feeling fully loved by the Universe. Fully aware of the limitless love available in the Universe. Inharmonious Expression: Fear that there is not enough love in the Universe. Pain in the throat and heart chakras. A feeling like a knife wound in the heart. Deep emotional pain centered in the heart. A sense of tears in the throat, tears unshed. Deep wounding grief. Traumatized Inner Child. Use for any severe trauma, for any situation when one does not feel fully confident that their needs for love will be met by the Universe. Good also for those who do not feel the love of their guides and the angelic world.



Begonia Essence is great for balancing the heart chakra. It assists with moving forward into new growth and development and changing unbalanced subconscious thoughts that lead us into negative situations.Begonia essence ensures trust, correctly moving energy up the spine. Kundalini energy is released as the personality clears out dated items from their living space. Feelings of being threatened and insecure are replaced with emotional freedom. Material possessions are no longer needed to feel secure. It is especially helpful for hoarders to release unneeded items without regret.



The Red Rose teaches one about the sweetness of life, divine, romantic love, relationships and partnerships, being passionate, sensual, demonstrating love, commitment for others and trusting in love and matters of the heart.

Red Rose flower essence will assist those seeking to attract a new partner or to work on their relationship, partnerships and twin flame partnerships. Every relationship is an opportunity to learn from another, it requires a blend of energy that resonates at the same frequency and vibration in alignment to one’s own energy. That which we seek in another, we need to hold within ourselves first.

The Red Rose encourages the attunement of love to the highest spiritual level teaching the essence of the divine spark of love which is authentic, serene, balanced, unconditional, reassuring and infinite, passionate requiring devotion first to the self and then to another without any form of restriction, attachment, expectation or neediness. The Red Rose also activates the solar codes and Shiva / divine masculine energy, the wild fiery, sensual side of our personality. The Red Rose is also known as the Goddess and Priestess flower carrying a very high vibration, the highest on this planet.



Hydrangea aligns the mental body so as to alleviate a scattered mind. It helps with mental fragmentation and harmonizes mental faculties to increase calmness of mind.hydrangea essence assists in relaxation, grounding and opening the throat chakra bringing chaos back to calm. Connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain it assists with reading and concentration on study.Assists in seeing clearer, refreshing mental, emotional and physical senses. Connects heart chakra and throat chakra. Opens up the throat chakra for speaking your truth. This remedy helps you stay close to yourself. Also a cleanser and protector of your aura.

Helpful for Autistic folks, acutely intelligent and highly sensitive people to emotional or environmental toxins. Also helps balance the physical and spiritual emotional body strengthening concentration.



For relaxation of the nervous system, helps one to shed identification with pain and trauma and find greater inner peace. Useful in the release process to support stabilization, trust, and inner gentleness. Use to enhance one's sense of personal safety and sensitivity, good for sensitive individuals, helps one feels protected and safe. Useful for individuals who were brought up in an insensitive family or community and suffer apprehension and related trauma.



Violet essence opens a space of deep self-acceptance, contentment, and individual wellbeing. Calming, steadying, and maternal, this unassuming, yet sweetly robust flower helps you to feel comfortable and supportive of yourself as an individual.

Violet Essence is especially attuned to highly evolved and fragile souls, assisting with self-liberation and self-expression. Violet Essence is a great healer of the body.


***There are only three ingredients in my Essences: The flowers‘ Essence, distilled water that is Energetically activated and Pure Liquid Vegetable Glycerin. Glycerin tastes sweet, but it is not metabolized as sugar in the body and doesn’t cause a rise in blood sugar. This Vegetable Glycerin is derived from 100% food grade vegetable based palm oil. This fine quality of glycerin is USP food grade, Kosher certified. Halal certified. HACCP & GMP certified. 

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