* Evil Eye Removal * by Gina Luna
The Evil Eye Removal is a traditional magical technique (Folk Magic) that I learned in my Italian family.

This Incantation is used to remove an evil that was cast your way through the eyes, through envy and sometimes it can even happen without the sender’s knowledge. 

This is an Incantation that I have modernized so it can be done through distance, while in the past, it was always done in person in my house. 

There are different methods of performing this magical technology, depending on which tradition it comes from. 
My grandfather used an in person only incantation that used charmed words (benedictions), fresh herbs and his breath. 
Because you are not here in front of me, I use a different magical technique that makes use of oil, water, a candle and benedictions.

It is always successful. Always. 

Please note that I don’t look for who sent you the evil eye, I simply remove it and give you what is known as a blessing.  

In my family, this magical technology was known as to “get blessed”, because it always works in a greater way than only removing the evil eye.
I will need your name and E-mail address.
I perform this Ritual during the mornings only.

Evil Eye Removal


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