. `*.✫*¨*.¸¸. Evil Eye and Curses Removal *


I will need your full name, date of birth and your Email address.


This sacred Ritual is only performed in the mornings. If you purchase it in the afternoon or night, I will perform it the following day. 


I have learne through my family how to remove the Evil Eye. This is an Italian Witch family tradition that was passed down to me and I have been doing this in person for many years, it is a form of Magical Catholicism.

Now with the Internet, it can be done distantly because energy and our consciousness are allowed to go anywhere and everywhere. I perform this ancient Divine Ritual in your name, clearing you of all evil eye, negativity, hexes and curses to bring well being and open your path for health, happiness and success. After the ritual, I perform a Rite to see if any negativity that os not supposed to be there, still remains. It is quite a miraculous event! If oil mixes with water (which is a magical happening of its own!), then, the Cleansing Ritual must once again be performed.


I will take picture of the Altar before I perform this Rirual for you and send you this picture. 


 Please note that I don't look for the origin of any evil or hex against you, these are completely destroyed through Divine intervention during my Ritual and the focus is only to cleanse you and surround you with blessings.

I will perform this magical Cleansing for you distantly, and you don't have to do anything. If you are sensitive to energies, you might feel something, a sense of relief is what most people feel during and after the treatment and a more positive attitude towards life is felt as well. But you are not required to feel anything, not everybody is sensitive to energies.



Evil Eye and Curses Removal


    © Gina Luna