✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸ Enlightened Art Doll ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸ by Gina Luna
This is The “Enlightened” Art Doll. Measuring approximately 15 inches tall and may be displayed on your wall. Her face is hand sculpted in fine porcelain, hand painted with China paint. No molds are used, all porcelain is sculpted by hand. Embellished with vintage metallic fabric, yarn, vintage decoupage cat, golden glitter, golden vintage lace, golden beads, pearl like cabochons, vintage pearl necklace, mini roses, vintage feathers made into wings. All parts are assembled permanently.
Gina Luna’s Art Work has been published in “Art Doll Quarterly” and “Dolls” Magazines.

Enlightened Art Doll OOAK Fine Porcelain Hand Sculpted Winged Fantasy Magic

  • I must tell you a secret. My dolls have souls. They are Ensouled. I have suspected of this since I started sculpting, over 20 years ago. My husband likes to say that they have personalities... and now, other very spiritual and highly psychic individuals have pointed that out to me: that my dolls are Ensouled. So, I must tell you that you are not only getting dolls from me, but they are also inhabited. If you ask me how, I would not know what to tell you. It just happens. I can speculate that it’s my inheritance, coming from a family of witches, healers, fortune tellers and Mediums. I am a Medium since birth, I can see, hear, feel and smell spirits, and that may be the reason they come in and take shelter in my dolls. Maybe I did this before in another life. I can’t explain how it happens, but it does, all the time. My mother hid my dolls from me when I was a little girl, because they walked and talked at night and didn’t let me sleep. So, here you go! You are getting more than you bargained for and I feel now that it’s about time I told you. And there is no need to be scared. My creations are filled with light and I can’t imagine a darker soul wanting to live in between glitter and roses, can you? And from now on I’m taking precautions I never took before, to bring in only light to everything I create, I think we all desperately need more love and light right now.

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