Become a Kundalini Millennium Reiki Master!

You will learn with me the most advanced Reiki on this planet!

You will be able to pefform Reiki treatments in person and distantly.

You will also cleanse from negative energies: your home, office, and the whole town and planet if you want to! 

This most advanced Reiki treats mind, body and spirit. 

You will treat physical pain as well as depression. 

There is even a simple meditation to open the channels in you to increase the flow of energy you will be working with. 

Come spend an hour or so with me in a live online session and I will teach you and give you all the tools to become a Reiki Master right away! 

And you will have my support always.

You will receive a compuyter file as a manual that you downloand when you purchase this item that you may print. I will send you an online certificate along with the Lineage for you to print. 


Become a Reiki Master Most advanced Reiki on the planet!


    © Gina Luna