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Will the bird survive?

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September 08, 2022

I sent Reiki to the bird in the box all night. He was also in my dreams: on my hands, very lively, puffed up and happy, where I could see little wounds on his wings and I applied Neosporin on them. My father and grandmother were in the dream as well. They both are in the land of the dead and when I woke up, I wondered if the little bird was there too.

As we were meditating, before getting up and ready for the day, I heard a bird talking/calling out and I knew it was him! His box was located directly under our bedroom window, outside on the porch.

And that already felt like good news!

I came downstairs in a hurry to go outside and open his box and at the same time, not wanting to find a dead bird! But I already knew to burry him by the Cabbage Roses and call upon Osiris to take his soul in the boat of the rising sun (in the worst case scenario).

As I walk out the back door, I see several of his friends on top of the back fence. They could be looking for him, or maybe they are just here for the bird seeds' bowl in the back yard. But I believe they were there for him!

I opened the box and there he was, eating his food! Looking like nothing happened and then flew away a little flimsy to the top of the back fence. A moment ago, he was back in our garden eating bird seeds. He is a regular! 😁 He knows this is home!

And of course I will keep an eye out for him, just in case he needs more time to heal in his box.

All is well!❤️


September 07, 2022

I pulled cards to see: “Will the bird be alive tomorrow?” (See story below) From the cards I pulled, old cartomancy would dictate that “perhaps not”. I love how you can see me in the cards, that I found the bird (past), then that the bird is in a box now ( see 4❤️, a box where he can heal), and then, the possibility is small that he will survive, but if so, it could take a couple more days for full recovery, maybe.

But I have lots of hope for this little one, as I wasn’t even going to go to the backyard garden last night, as it rained on and off since the night before and I didn’t need to water the plants. But I remembered it was the day of the week to give the plants some vitamins, so I went and found him. That had to mean something, right? That his chances of survival depended on being found and taken out of the water bowl. I’m glad I placed stones in the water bowl, so that creatures like him and smaller, can climb out and not drawn.


Earlier this evening…

I found an immobile bird in the bird water bowl in the garden this evening. I picked him up gently, he grabbed my fingers with his feet and I could feel his heart racing, he was so afraid I would eat him! Poor thing! I sang him little songs I made up as I went and to bring him more comfort, I let him know I don't eat animals. Andrew help me put him in a shoe box with holes on the lid, over grass, and on the corners on little dishes: food and water. And we placed the box outside on the porch. They are supposed to heal better like that in the dark. Hopefully he will heal overnight. And I already know I'm going to worry all night about this freaking bird! Darn it. ❤️

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