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We survived the plague!

COVID is tough. It is relentless.

Andrew went through it like a champion! He just felt sick for a couple of days.

But me... That's another story. I felt sicker. The headache was horrible. The fever that comes and goes. The never ending coughing. The sinuses. Truly horrifying stuff!

And then I coughed out blood.

It was time to see the doctor. I had pneumonia. Not the usual COVID pneumonia, mind you. But just a small part of the higher left side of my lungs had it.

After antibiotics, Nyqual/DayQuil, mucus relief pills, respiratory care pills, decongestants, Berberine, Lion's Mane, hot water bottle on my chest (which ended up causing blisters that are still healing to this day) and two weeks of bed rest, I feel almost all well.

The coughing persists.

The sinuses along with headaches attack me after so often.

But here we are.

We survived the plague.

Now we do all we can not to catch it again...

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