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Turning cat hair into yarn

Found a little piece of Diddle! ❤️ I remembered that I have a couple bags of his hair from his haircuts. He loved to have short hair! I am thinking of making his hair into yarn and create a winter hat. ❤️

How to accomplish that:

Creating yarn from cat hair!

This video taught me how to spin the cat hair with the spin no no tool.

And you can get the spinning tool here:

Finetoknow Drop Spindle Top Whorl Yarn Spin Hand Carved Wooden Tool for Beginners

This video taught me how to prepare the cat hair easily before you spin it into yarn:

Here you get the wool blending set:

Wool Blending Board Carding Brush Set 1 Pieces Blending Board with 1 Pieces Wool Brush 2 Pieces Dowels Hand Carders for Rolags Wool

And if you can’t tricot or crochet like me, this is the machine:

FmnyYaid 48 Needles Knitting Machine with Row Counter, Smart Weaving Loom Round Spinning Circular Knitting Machines for Adults or Kids,DIY Knit Loom Machine Kit for Hat, Scarves, Gloves, Socks

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