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The Tale of the Majestic Elephant

There is an ancient story about a royal elephant that walked in the jungle. He walked magnificently, just like elephants do. Head high. High Spirits.

He didn’t even notice from up high, the little dogs below barking at it’s feet every step of the way. They were a nuisance and at the same time they were of no importance.

They did not hinder in any way, the walk of the majestic royal elephant.

You may ask why. The answer is that the elephant in all its magnitude, wasn’t affected by the little dogs, not at all. Simply because it didn’t let them, it didn’t stop on its path, it only kept going and oh so beautifully and it didn’t give the little dogs any more importance than they deserved.

Always remember that what you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.

Let go of the little nuisances. Put your attention where it belongs: on yourself and keep doing what you do best. Focus on your grandiose path.

(Image from TurboSquid.)

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