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The most Magical Amulet

The most magical Amulet is the one you make!

The week before my surgery, I decided to create an Amulet for myself.

I chose the little drawings my nieces Evi and Isa made for me, that were attached to a red gift wrapping paper. I used the red paper as the back on the Amulet, with the little drawings attached to it. I secured everything with clear resin. It turned out magnificent!

Butterfly for longevity, flower as the Rose, highest vibration on planet Earth, star for success and the heart for love!

Simply perfect!

This is me in the early mornings of my surgery, I didn't sleep all night.

The surgery was a success and I came home the same day!

I have also placed my nieces' drawings on frames and they are on the walls as I come down to the living room each morning. They are the first thing I see and they bring pure joy!

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