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The Holidays

It’s been a week we have moved to Onset, Cape Cod, Mass.❤️

We are busy getting the house organized in between the dozens upon dozens of boxes and making sure the cats are happy and healthy. We had a little scare with all the cats being very sick the week before we moved which was a tremendous nightmare!

Organizing is going faster than I expected and I hope to have more offerings in the Shop in my website soon. But I’m not sure it can all be accomplished before the holidays. Please contact me if you need anything and I will do my very best to help you.

Meanwhile, I‘m performing Readings and Consultations online only and the Evil Eye Removal plus the Exorcism are also performed distantly. We have many bright plans for the future when the pandemic is under control and I can meet with people in person and also transforming a small building we have in our new property into a little Shoppe. This is our modest Christmas tree for this year. An antique charming piece with not so many embellishments, but with pumpkins and gnomes and a Sea Star!

If you had the privilege to enter our Moondance Shoppe before the pandemic, I’m sure you still haven’t forgotten the amazing tree we decorated inside of our antique huge cauldron at the window. It was a once upon a time sight to see! ❤️ And here she is one last time:

With much love and blessings,


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