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The ghost of a cat

* The ghost of a cat *

There has been approximately three weeks now that Nenê has come into my dreams every night. It’s been over a year since he passed away. Today after awaking from another dream with him, I’ve been wondering why he is in my every dream.

Could he be wanting to communicate something extremely important? Is he waiting for one of the other cats? (Several of our cats are old). Is he waiting for me? What could this be? Why is he conveniently showing up at every one of my dreams? It’s quite intriguing…

Then I stop and ponder about such mystery of the soul…

I found my answer in the far away past. In the younger days of this absolutely marvelous cat. It’s actually, a mystery of the heart!

Mind you that Nenê would face the biggest of dogs to strategically jump over same sleeping dog (an error could prove fatal!) to reach a small opening on a window in the house, just so that he could come in and find me. Yes, just to find me! ❤️ … now I feel silly to think that death would have kept us apart and would have stopped him from finding me once again! … my little love!❤️❤️

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