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Since Diddle passed away, a couple of weeks ago, there has been many synchronicities happening almost every day.

I am accustomed to look for synchronicities. I have noticed patterns and similarities in life through the years and I look for them in my Divination Readings.

I feel more present than ever these days. Maybe because I don't want to think about the future without my three cats that passed away a few weeks ago, in the span of one week. I am grieving little by little, as all at once is too much to bear.

I told you the other day about the white feather so perfectly placed on my path and how Native Americans believe these to be messages from Spirit. And then, there are the little pieces of white fur I find every other day. The white cat planter ...

I asked Diddle last night to tell me where he is. I not only miss him, but I want him to be well and safe, he was my light and so full of pure love! And I woke up this morning remembering my last night's dream. I dreamed of Diddle! I saw him and Caleb in the sun room here in the house. Looking happy and healthy! What a beautiful dream!

Barnabas came to me three days after he passed away, as you well remember. He passed through my heart. All the love energy was tangible, it woke me up! I think he is with me, in my Aura.

I also spoke the other day about thinking Diddle could have now become an Angel.

And today, while looking at Jodorowsky book and deck on "How he taught his cat Tarot", I came upon this image of the Temperance in his book:

Did you read the picture? Fine White fur. It brought tears to my eyes.

Another synchronicity, another message telling my heart that Diddle is well. ❤️ My little Angel!

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