SUPER SALE * Oil Potions at less than half price!!

* SUPER SALE * 23 Potions! $85

Organic, ancient formulas for super powerful magic!

I no longer have the time to create my oil potions, these are the last vials I have left and I’m offering them to you at less than half off the original price!

Cast your own Spells! Add these potions to candles, oil burners, incense, charms, sigils... you may wear the oils as perfume to bring those enchanted vibrations to you!

You will receive one of each, of the following Potions:

Soulmate * Travel Easy * Love Incense * Strega * Cleopatra * Love Potion # 9 * Black Cat * Mercury Retrograde Relief * Self Esteem * Black Diamond Resin Incense * Calm the Nerves * Eve * Satyr * Simply Irresistible * Psychic * Golden Times * Truth Serum * Artist * 4 Thieves Vinegar * Healing * Enchantress * Scorpio * Black Salt.

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