Salem Moon Witch Wand

* Salem Moon Witch Wand *

On Auction here:

A super powerful Wand as a Spirit vessel, keeping the enchantment of a Moon Spell within, invoked by the sacred hands of the Magician, enabled with the ever so precious handmade *Coumpounded Fluid Condenser* (Franz Bardon’s recipe).

A large crystal clear Quartz Crystal point on the top and a clear Quartz Crystal ball at the end, give this Wand immense power! Surrounded vintage Austrian Rhinestones, vintage broach, a real picture of the Moon. Embellished with silver vintage star charms and bio degradable glitter stars. Measuring 13 and 1/2 inches long, a wooden branch I picked in person from the grounds of Salem, Mass, by the Cemetery in 2019.

All parts are attached permanently and varnished.

Superb power and fabulous beauty!

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