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Pre-order Witch’s Flying Ointment

*✶**✶ PRE-ORDER * Witch's Flying Ointment *✶** $33

For the first time I am making available to you my ancient formula of Witch's Flying Ointment, to help you fly over the hedge and help you experience what natural born Witches naturally do!

All natural and organic! Created with plants of the underworld that are normally poisonous, in a safe way for you to use.

It will come with instructions. Pre-order now as limited quantities will be available early September.

*✶**✶ Ancient formulas created to magical perfection

✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸. I use only the best and purest high quality luxury, organic and botanic ingredients (pure essential oils, plants, flowers, barks, resins, roots...) from local land, right from my garden, my town and also from far away exotic lands, combined within very old formulas

The best and purest high quality luxury! I don’t skimp on essential oils, my Potions smell divine! You will not find better quality anywhere else!

The magical ingredients of the formulas are of importance and what is of the utmost importance is the proper handling of the Potions in the making: energies and affinities and the awakening of the vibrations brought forth to bring magic into your world.

When you purchase, you agree that all items and services by Gina Luna are for entertainment purpose only and not legally binding.

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