Porcelain Ball JointedDolls will be back this winter!

Remember her? She is

the last Fine Porcelain Ball Jointed doll I created right before I got sick in 2017. She was published in Canadian “Dolls” magazine.

This coming winter I’m excited about starting to create the BJDs again. It is a lot of hard work. They are completely hand sculpted in fine porcelain, there are no molds involved, they are hollow inside, an insane work to sculpt them this way and I’m the only artist in the world to have successfully accomplished such feat! Everybody else is using molds and pouring liquid porcelain in them to create hundreds upon hundreds of the same doll. I could never do that, as my mind is filled with millions of new dolls to be created! 😁 My work is one of a kind, each doll is the only one in the whole wide world! A 1 of 1, like all my art work, I only create originals.

I say winter because my kiln is in my Studio and it’s too hot now to turn it on.

Meanwhile, I work with clays that don’t require such powerful fire to be cooked in.

Stay tuned! More and never ending marvelousness you may always find here!

Huge hugs and love always and forever ❤️❤️❤️

Gina Luna


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