Personalized Magic just for YOU!

Now available at the Mystic Boutique!

Super Powerful High Magic just for you!

Personalized! Organic ingredients and Hereditary Witch Family Secrets!

Please tell me what you are looking to accomplish and I will create the ,most potent Magic just for you!

From Magical signs on paper, Charms made of natural objects to be kept close, oil Potions and Incense in antique jars to enchant and as libations to the Gods of Old, to hand made Organic hand rolled Beeswax and Materia Magica in Spell Candles and Witch Jewelry enchanted with the Spirits...

When you choose Witch Jewel and tell me what you are looking to accomplish, I will show you pieces that are conducive to your Magic for you to choose from before I enchant it.

Real Magic is in your hands to make your dreams come true!

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