Luella & her kitty * Little Witch

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

*Luella & her Kitty * Little Witch * Art Doll * by Gina Luna

Now Auctioning here: Luella is a little Witch. She carries her broom and her beloved kitty. She presents you with a bounty of red apples from her garden.  Her video may be seen here: Measuring approximately 14 inches long, hand sculpted face and hands in professional polymers, hand painted with oil paint. Adornes her hair: vintage light peach silk flowers and red mini flowers. Embellished with a golden vintage heart, vintage lace, vintage 100% silk From India. Vintage red mini apples, a broom made from a fallen branch of my Apple tree. Tiny biodegradable Sparkling stars.  Wig made from my own hair that I had saved 10 years ago.  The kitty is hand made with vegan silky fibers and hand painted with fabric paint. All parts are permanently attached together.She has a loop on her back to allow her to be displayed on your wall. 

Truly magnificent and One of a Kind! The only one in the whole world! My name is Gina Luna and my art work has been published in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine several times and also in Dolls Magazine from Canada. #artdoll #ooak #sculpture #moongoddess #goddess #art #fineart #magick #pagan #altar #witch #witchcraft #lovespell #moneyspell

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