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❤️ Love Spells ❤️

We live amongst pure magic! A glance, a smile, a twinkle of an eye may start a Love Spell!

We are all Magicians, imparted with a divine sparkle, ready to make Heaven of Earth... must we first desire carefully.

Magic Spells will bring about the right circumstances, align the right energies and principles and with the power of the Gods and Spirits, the right encounters may prove fruitful from its first magical beginnings.

But that’s all it does. It prepares the soil for you to plant the seeds. After that it’s up to you in your ordinary and mundane ways to make the seeds flower.

Magic will give you the necessary push, and once started, it’s done it’s job.

I will give you an example from a year ago.

I was attending clients at our Moondance Shop in town and later that day, a friend came in for a Reading. My friend wanted to know when she would find her Prince Charming. I looked at the cards for her and I saw her love story happening right away. I told her the good news.

She didn’t believe it and went on and on about how impossible that was to happen.

Something came over me. I raised my hands up to the skies and I shouted as I lowered my hands and hit the surface of the table hard: - “It is happening NOW!”

Three seconds of silence permeated the air, followed by the abrupt opening of the main heavy door of the Shop. We both came running out of my Fortune Teller’s tent, to find out this confused man standing at the front room by the Spell Potions Table. He spoke: -“I saw the sign and I had to come in.”

I politely welcomed him to the Shop in such a snowing cold day, offered him hot tea, which he accepted and proceeded to look around the Shop, searching for a precious something he knew he had to get.

My friend followed him around, talking and talking and he looked at her face as if he could see her soul. There I stood, taking in this odd situation happening right in front of my eyes. I could only think that something was off, yes, very much so.

This went on for over an hour. My friend talking non stop and the Stranger mesmerized as if in a trance, watching her every move. Finally the tall dark Stranger picked a few items to purchase and slowly left the Shop, walking backwards, hesitantly, still amazed and amused by my friend. Still puzzled with the whole situation that just happened, I asked my friend about her new made friend.

She told me that he invited her for lunch and then for dinner and told her she looked like an older girlfriend he had. But she didn’t accept to go out with him as she didn’t know him.

Well, if you ask me, I would tell you that I thought she missed a good opportunity.

Later that evening, my friend called me in a disgruntled way. The Stranger had just called her on her cell phone and she wondered if I had given him her number. Obviously not. I never had a chance to put a few words in with the man! She monopolized him! And of course I wouldn’t do such a thing. Somehow, he found out her cell number.

He still kept calling her every day for the next week while he was in town. They talked and talked, but she still didn’t accept his invitation and never met him in person again.

And I will say it once more: missed opportunity.

I thought a lot about what happened that day and I can say with certainty that he was under a Spell. My Spell, to be more precise. The moment I had the right Tarot cards on the table and my pure 100% conviction as I raised my hands up in the air and commanded that it was happening and banged the table with my hands making those same cards jump, that made Magic happen! That’s my best explanation.

Now... Why didn’t it end in a happy ending? Because my friend didn’t even let her love story begin. You see, Magic will put the right stuff into motion, but then you need to take it from there. It can be magically delivered to you, and you must also do your part.

I have found out that the most important thing in life (after Love), is to know what you want. Once you know what you want, it’s easy to go out and get it. Most people don’t know what they want. Magic can help you realize what you want (and what is best for you) and even deliver it to you, and then it’s up to you to take it from there.

Just a note: Love can’t be bought, Love can’t be summoned up with Magic. But Magic can bring you the right circumstances to make it happen and also ignite the fire of passion! But you must keep that fire going!

And yes, I can personalize all sorts of Love Magical Spells to help attract Love into your life!

After all, Love is all that matters!

Wishing you a marvelous Valentine’s Day!

Hugs and forever love,



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