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Little Mermaid sleeps..,

Little Mermaid sleeps...

Auctioning now here: Watch her video here: Come dream with me of Mermaid dreams... on a hot Summer day, where the water is emerald green and cool, glistening with bright golden hues of sun ray beams. Along with the quiet pretty little fish we sleep and bring into reality, our most deep desires. One of a kind, the only one in the whole world! Little Mermaid measures approximately 9 inches long. She is hand sculpted in professional polymer, hand painted with oil paints. Adorned with vintage pearl like beads, stars and rhinestones. Shinning of rainbow colors with biodegradable glitter and rainbow film. Her hair is made of mohair, hair from goats that are alive. No animal is ever hurt in the making of my Art.  My name is Gina Luna and my Art has been published several times in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine and Dolls Magazine.

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