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King Richard’s Faire

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We are at the second day of the Faire.

A little girl comes running in and sits on the chair in front of me. She is smiling and perfectly ready to ask the Fortune Teller a question. Her father comes in to take her away and I said that it was ok, I would answer one question of hers for free. The father looked a little worried and stayed standing up right there, by her side.

The little girl spoke:

"I want to know what I am going to be when I grow up."

And I answered:

"Do you like to draw? Do you make up stories in your mind? "

She confirmed with a nod of her head.

And I proceeded to ask her to show me her little hands. I looked at her palms and I said:

"You are going to be an Artist! An amazing Artist!"

She threw her arms up in the air and exclaimed in a happy giggle:


Her father smiled deeply while searching for some change in his wallet and proceeded to give me a tip.


Today was the second day of King Richard's Fair in Carver, MA.

We were there performing psychic Oracle of Bones Readings. We will be there every weekend until the end of October.

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