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June 15, 2021 Baboon Faced Daimonlord Ritual

(Rituals performed are from the PGM book)

I wonder how much we can change our destinies in accordance to what we want, versus a better outcome (that we are unaware of) when we employ Spirit Allies and the Gods.

I have performed a few Rituals the last few days.

I cleansed myself with the Headless Daimon Rite.

I sang Hekate’s epithets along with the strapholos.

I praised the Sun with his Conjuration Rite.

I offered Kyphi with Cassia oil as incense to the Baboon Faced Daimonlord as well as chant the Core Spell of that Ritual.

I talked to the Mistress of the House and my Servant through the 2 teeth (souvenirs from that Ritual).

And burned many candles! 😹😹😹

I could have gone with stronger sorcery to get my desire to purchase this specific house, but I just did the above and a painting including me with the house and I have found great success with this type of Art in the past.

My question is... I have a feeling that we might end up getting a better deal than we could even imagine when we work with the Spirits and Gods.

Has this been your experience? This is not the first time that such a thing has happened to me.

I don’t believe it is all destiny and we can’t change anything about our lives, when we use magic.

But can we end up getting better than expected? I did.

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